Celebrate Spring and Birthdays with Shutterfly

This is our second Spring in North Florida.  We closed on our house faster than expected and  it was hard to let everyone know we were moving.  Did you know that you can get moving announcements?  These are so cute!  Of course it took me months to fully unpack….I should have sent out announcements to come and help empty boxes!
This Spring we have been super busy. Soccer practice and games, swimming lessons, and just this week I got  invitations from my boys for 3 different birthday parties.  
Last Spring we barely knew anyone, so it is just great that we have a social life now.  This of course means we need to go and buy some cool little boys birthday gifts, yes all 3 are boys, and some cute birthday cards.   My boys can write their names now and I love to let them sign the cards all by themselves.
After we make it through the Spring birthday parties and events, we have another short trip to Disney World.  After that trip it will be time to start shopping for Father’s Day.  I am going to be sure to mail all of the Father’s Day Cards on time this year.  Both grandfathers are in other states and I tend to always get them in the mail late.  I can ship my orders our ASAP, but I can’t remember to mail out cards…oh well.

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