The Heartbreaking Death of a Pet – Part Two

If you missed it, please start with Part One of the story.

He ran to the spot where the bowl had been for the last year and a half and just stared.  He wanted to know why Strawberry had died.  I explained that he was a fish and that fish were little animals and had short lives.  He then ran in hubby’s office to tell him the news.  We were both thinking that I should have just replaced the fish.  We had no idea how upset he would be.  

He was trying very, very hard not to cry.  Just getting all choked up over it.  He then ran to the family room where little C was watching TV and let him know. ” Brother, Strawberry is dead!”  In disbelief, they both ran to the empty spot where the bowl had sat and just stared at it.
Big A then got very upset. ” Mommy, Strawberry was my bestest birthday present ever, I love Strawberry, Mommy why did Strawberry die?  This is a sad day mommy.”  I again explained that Strawberry had gone to Heaven with God.  I told him that Strawberry was very happy and that he was swimming with lots of other fish up there.

“Mommy will Strawberry make new friends?…….Do fish live in a big, big tank in Heaven or is it a Lake?” “Where is fishy Heaven?  This is a sad day Mommy”   Then the one that almost made me crack a grin. “Does the drain take you to heaven?”  We never, ever told him we flushed Strawberry.  He obviously had seen that one on TV.

Then the next question. ” Mommy can I get a new pet since Strawberry died?”  Tears were streaming, I am a softie, so of course I said we could get another fish.  Then he decided he wanted something that would live a little longer… a Hamster or Guinea Pig.  Oh dear!!!!!  I told him we would go and look.

It was almost bed time when this whole scenario unfolded.  He was tired, which of course did not help.  Little brother really got interested when he thought we might get a new pet.  I took Big A in the bathroom to brush his teeth.  He looked in the mirror and just fell apart and burst into tears.  ” Why did Strawberry die Mommy?  I did not want Strawberry to die. This is making me sad”  

I of course hugged him choking back my own tears. It broke my heart to see him this upset.  I had no idea he loved his fish so much.  At this very moment daddy came in and took him away from me so I could walk away before I started crying in front of him.  As I walked off I heard Daddy tell him that he could not get a pet that would make the house smell :)    I heard mentions of elephants, bunnies, hamsters, another puppy -Oh dear!!!  I said we could get another fish!!!!

To be continued…..

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