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Last month we added 2 Chinese Dwarf Hamsters to our family.  Somehow I got talked into this.  These “little friends” as my 4 year old calls them are replacing our fish named Strawberry who you may remember, went to fishy heaven in May.

Of course I ended up with two $15 hamsters and about $50 was spend on a cool hamster habitat that came with food, bedding and everything I thought I needed for our little friends to be happy. I honestly was not thinking much about hamster nutrition at the moment.

Vitakraft offers one of the largest selections of quality natural foods and treats for birds and small animals.  Little friends need quality nutrition too.   A very nice lady at Vitakraft read about the new additions to our family and I was thrilled to receive some hamster food and treats for Cheetah and Smokey to try.  I received Menu Care Complex Hamster Food,  Crunchy Mix Hamster Treats,  Drops Treats and a bag of Sunseed Fresh World Bedding.

If you are living a “green” lifestyle, you will be happy to know that the Fresh World Bedding is made from recycled newspaper and magazines.  It is non-toxic, color safe, phenol free and is great bedding for bunnies too.  The best part is that is has baking soda which provides odor control.

Of course my boys were super excited and our hamsters probably gained an ounce or two because they kept giving them treats to try.  Obviously, my hamsters can’t talk, but I can tell you that they love the new food much better than the food that came with the hamster habitat.  The Vitakraft food has a lot more colors and textures.  It is colorful food made from a variety of seeds, nuts, grains, vegetables and fruits.  It is vitamin fortified.

If you want to learn more, you can find Vitakraft on both Facebook and Twitter – @Vitakrftsunseed.  I recommend both pages if you have pets.  They offer coupons, rebates etc.. on the Vitakraft Sunseed facebook page.

Click the Store Locator and see where Vitakraft Sunseed products can be purchased close to you.

It is late, my boys are asleep and the hamster wheel is turning.  I think they want another treat:)

I was not compensated for this post.  I received the above mentioned products from Vitakraft to try and the options are my own.

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